Stop Productizing Adventure

It used to be that adventure was something you had – not something you could purchase with a credit card. Now there’s an “adventure industry.” A lot of things seem to be going this way. Now you can buy the […]

Create Your Own Hard Times

““Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times.” I was born a son and a grandson “hard men.” They farmed, led businesses, shaped land, and raised families through good times and bad, and if their stories […]

You Create the Voices In Your Head

“That’s not good enough.” “You’re unfocused.” “You’re not working hard enough.” “You’re not bold enough.” Like all sorts of people, I struggle with internal voices and internal self-talk like this. It can be limiting at times, keeping me from taking […]

Even Anarchists Need Mayors

“Mayor ____ welcomes you to Atlanta.” This sign greeted me as I left the airport for home. I kind of liked it. Now as an anarchist, I don’t want any city governments, and I don’t give a damn about Mayor […]

Instead of Instagram

I want to share photos from my life with friends. More and more, though, I find it distasteful to share them on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Aside from all their other problems, social networks have become much […]

What Are Your Cultural Exports?

There was the time I made my Mom’s chocolate cake recipe for friends for the first time. There was the time I brought a locally-grown watermelon and sunflowers (from our own farm) to share with coworkers at the office. Then […]

Let’s Play a Game

Kids – especially young boys – are infinitely willing to play, infinitely willing to try new games, infinitely willing to suspend disbelief if it means they can compete and practice. Seeing this is one of the most charming things in […]