Don’t Forget Your Dreams

Mere forgetfulness is underrated as a killer of dreams. As I get older, time seems to get faster. And as time gets faster, it’s all too easy for me to drop into my routine and do exactly what I’m used […]

History You Can Use

Old farm trucks, typewriters, guns from several wars ago, clothes handed down across three generations, silverware and dishes, old houses – all of us have some pieces of history which blend into our lives in some way. Of course, we […]

De-Platform Yourself

A new phenomenon in the Internet age is that of “deplatforming” in which a person, organization, or movement gets booted off of an online platform. Sometimes de-platforming happens for good reasons (a bank refusing to serve a drug cartel). Sometimes […]

Be a Trail Tourist

What do you see when you visit a new city, state, or country? Restaurants, monuments, shows, museums, and parks are all worthy places for your time. But what about the nature? Most of the time our idea of tourism keeps […]