Continuity Is Power

Once upon a time, the nation-state and the joint-stock corporation were new and small. The Church, the family, the tribe, the town, the land (kept by farmers), the wilds, and even small businesses (craftsmen) – in short, the things of […]

Defend the Gifts of Your Deep Past

I’ve been thinking today about the value of childhood friends (have written about this before). An author I’m reading has quite rightly said that childhood friends are the only ones that really matter. While I do have dear friends I’ve […]

Think While Doing

I recently listened to a fine episode of the Working Man podcast in which the interview made the good point that the trades are beneficial to help young men stop living so much in their imagination. They’re tactile, and they […]

Desire Is the Enemy of Courage

It sometimes occurs to me that my passions conspire to keep me from acting courageously. It’s ironic: I want to spend my life doing interesting, adventurous things that require courage. And that very desire often keeps me playing it safe, […]