3 Good Reasons To See Your Extended Family More

Yesterday I got together with more than a hundred of my aunts, uncles, and cousins for a family reunion. We ate barbecue, shared life updates, played sports, shot skeet, and watched babies play. The weather was gorgeous, the times were good, and the people were happy.

It’s a blessing to be able to have family you can not just tolerate, but enjoy. If you have a relatively healthy extended family, you’d probably benefit from getting it together again. Here are a few reasons to host a reunion:

You have a lot in common. These people know you better than most, and they probably share in common a fair number of interests. These people love the things and places you do. They talk like you and value like you.

They know some great stories – These people know things about their family’s past that you might need to know. What’s more, they know you better than most, even if only by virtue of seeing you in more stages than just the one you’re experiencing now.

They are your best network. When given the opportunity, most humans want to help each other. When given the opportunity, most family members will. I had a several people offer to help out with connections who have worked on ranches or currently own ranches. It was pleasantly surprising how selfishly valuable this gathering was.

James Walpole

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