Not Enough Time? Be More Ambitious About Your Weekends

“How was your weekend?”

“Not long enough! LOL”

Bulls***. The weekend is plenty long enough.

Have you ever really tried to make the most out of those 48+ hours you have? I’d expect not. Most people see the weekend as a time to relax, but by the time it’s over, they still regret not having enough time.

Here’s the secret: relaxation (in the sense most of us mean – watching Netflix, eating, etc.) has rarely made anyone’s life better. Sitting back and consuming has almost never made someone’s life richer. And it certainly doesn’t make the most of time.

What if you were just as ambitious about your fun as you were about your workweek? You’d be surprised how much meaning and fun and memory one weekend could hold

Since Friday (and I admit, I took the afternoon off,) I’ve run a 5K, spoken in a fireside chat, visited the Atlanta Civil Rights museum, gone to a fall festival, gone to church, gone to brunch, seen an improv comedy show, played arcade games at a bar, ridden a ferris wheel, run around Piedmont Park and the Beltline, read by the pool, journaled, written two blog posts, spent quality time with my Mom, talked with my Dad on the phone, and edited a video and a podcast. I had time to take a couple of naps, finish a television show, listen to some podcasts, sort through some papers and mail, and do some of my laundry and cleaning chores.

Bragging? Maybe I am a little proud of my type-A weekends. But my point is that there is plenty of time if you look for it and work for it.

Here are some tips:

  • Prioritize experiences over relaxation. This is counter-intuitive, but your weekend will feel longer if you are trying new things, or at least trying to make old things new. You crave a more meaningful week, not a more lax one.
  • Diversify your adventures. If you’re only doing fun things on Saturday night, your weekend is going to be pretty short and uninteresting. Find adventures that you can do on Friday afternoon (go for a hike!), Saturday morning (run a 5K!), Sunday noon (visit a library), and all the times in between.
  • Check Facebook or Google. Facebook events can be a great rabbit hole to jump down to find interesting and novel things going on in your city. Or just Google “things happening in Your_City_Here this weekend.”
  • Set a schedule/list. Once you’ve identified the kind of things you might want to do, make a list and start checking it off. Or set a loose schedule and try your best to keep it. Just being explicit about your goals and going after them will tend to make your weekends fuller.
  • Improv. It’s not necessary or advisable to do everything on your schedule, or to only do things on your schedule. Use the momentum you’ve built to try other things!  Be willing to improv your weekend.

The weekend is a marvelous (and historically unique) thing which you get to enjoy. Get more out of it!

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash

James Walpole

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