How To Improv a Saturday Night in Atlanta in 17 Easy Steps

Some nights you plan. Other nights you just say yes to what comes. I’ve written before about how you can follow a rule of improv to create a great night. Tonight I got to give that theory another test of sorts.

Here is how you can improv a Saturday night in Atlanta in 17 easy steps*:

  1. Say that you are having a movie night this Saturday earlier in the week.
  2. Forget that you said you’re hosting a movie night.
  3. Get a call from a friend who is about to arrive (graciously bringing chips and salsa) for said movie night.
  4. Activate emergency hospitality mode and crack open a watermelon you have in the fridge. Share with your friend while talking about work victories and challenges.
  5. Run into your roommate and a couple of his coworkers. Hang out in your apartment and share some laughs before you head out for the night’s Plan B. You’re going to bring your friend to join some other friends at a bar.
  6. Sing along to Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” on the ride over and wonder what your Lyft driver thinks of you.
  7. Arrive at a bar based on arcade games. Introduce your friend to your other friends and discover a connection.
  8. Lose a game of chess after realizing that your friend is something of a chess god.
  9. Meet a couple of kind strangers who give you tickets and tell you to go to Dad’s Garage for a free improv comedy show. Decide that you still have time to play some video games.
  10. Introduce your friend to Pac-Man (well, Mrs. Pac-Man).
  11. Talk to a cute girl and play the best game of Pac-Man in your life while she watches. Hand over your quarters to her and walk smoothly out of the bar.
  12. Walk quickly back to the bar when you realize you aren’t sure how to use the tickets those strangers gave to you.
  13. Lyft to an improv comedy show you could have walked to easily. Get some local knowledge about how crazy Edgewood gets on a Saturday night. Arrive at a comedy club based in an old renovated church.
  14. Get a glass of champagne from the world’s smallest champagne bottle, high-five a bunch of strangers, spill said champagne. Watch improv performers sing songs, rhyme rhymes, read text messages from an audience member’s cell phone as if they were lines, and act out Titanic in two minutes (among other things)
  15. Run into an old colleague during intermission. Catch up on life and work and exciting news from the blockchain industry.
  16. Ride home in a Lyft with a sassy, expressive driver who complains to you about her unadventurous friends who wouldn’t do things like going out to improv comedy.
  17. Cap off the night the same way it began – with watermelon.

If you can afford it, set aside some nights for this improv. For orderly people like me with an adventurous streak, this can be just the thing to highlight a weekend.

P.S. Go check out the great performers at Dad’s Garage. This was one of my favorite entertainment experiences in all of my time in Atlanta. It brought back good memories of watching Whose Line Is It Anyway back in the day. Lucky us, we get to see it live from amazingly talented performers.

* Details of this night have been anonymized to protect the individuals involved, and slightly exaggerated to glamorize the individuals involved.

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