Need More Than Courage? 7 Ways to Get More Audacity

Acting in the face of fear will never be easy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help yourself out. In case those 10 Ways To Instantly Grow Your Self-Confidence weren’t enough, here are seven more tools for become more audacious in the moment – or throughout your life.

1) Spend time with brave people – Spend lots of time reading about brave people, or listening to/watch interviews with brave people. Over time they’ll start to exert their own kind of peer pressure on you.

2) Listen to uplifting music – As silly as it may seem, I find that heroic music from my favorite film scores (think Lord of the Rings) helps me to act with my resolution in the moment. It’s hard for courage not to be a theme with you if your ears are full of a musical theme about brave men and women.

3) Have people who need you to be brave / want you to be brave – The desire to come through for people you care about is a powerful motivator. A friend of mine suggests that you should know who you want to be a hero for. If you can keep those people – family members, younger siblings, less experienced team members, etc – in your mind, you won’t want to let them down.

4) Cast yourself as a protagonist – Think about this event as a plot point your story arc. If you were responsible for writing your own story, wouldn’t you want your character to act bravely? Step outside of the moment and think about the story you are creating with your actions, and which story you would want to read.

5) Reflect on past courage and cowardice – Think about the consequences of courage and cowardice you’ve shown in the past. Hasn’t courage to do the right thing almost always given you life? Hasn’t cowardice almost always tortured you? Have faith in your own experience and use that faith for audacity now.

6) Act nonchalantly* – When I get nervous, I like to get nonchalant. I mix and mingle with the crowd I’m about to address. I joke with my fellow jiu jitsu students. I use humor in my talks. By pretending to not care about the things that create anxiety for me (namely, looking good to other people), I can steady myself a bit and do the work.

7) Consume caffeine – Use this one with caution. Caffeine will basically accelerate anything, whether anxiety or audacity. But if you’re already in the audacious state of mind, caffeine could help to intensify your urgency and make action a more attractive option.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

*This comes to mind because of a recent talk on cold-calling sales I attended (presented by Praxis with speaker Josh Fischer) The speaker made a great case for nonchalance in sales approaches, particularly because giving too many damns is a good way to appear needy.

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