The Blue-Collar Knowledge Worker Manifesto

n. Knowledge worker – Knowledge workers are workers whose main capital is knowledge. Examples include software engineers, physicians, pharmacists, architects, engineers, scientists, design thinkers, public accountants, lawyers, and academics, and any other white-collar workers, whose line of work requires the one to “think for a living“. The more I’m exposed to the industry of marketing, the more I learn […]

Businesses Need Psychotherapy, Too

Since Freud came on the scene in psychology, the practice of psychotherapy has given countless people insight into their unique psychological issues. But what could businesses learn from psychotherapy for solving their own problems? One of the main assumptions of most mainstream* psychology […]

Fire Drills as Social Occasions

Modern life has a lot of quirks. One of those quirks is the fire drill. The fire drill is a uniquely 20th century thing, made for 20th century and 21st century buildings. And if you think about it, it’s really strange. […]

Free Business Ideas: Moving Agency

The moving market is terribly underserved. There are plenty businesses serving the actual packing and carrying of household goods. There are plenty of services that help people find apartments. But the real pain of moving comes from all of the account […]