The Social Benefits of Hipsters

Hipsters catch a lot of flak for being pretentious and seemingly silly social fashion fringe-dwellers.* People don’t like people who stick up their noses, or those who like to flaunt edginess or early adopter status. Still, I don’t think we […]

Beware Meetings Traveling in Packs

Meetings are a necessary evil, and they are worth doing as quickly and efficiently as possible. So there are some serious benefits to batching meetings. We do this at my current company, and while meeting day can be hell, it saves […]

7 Non-Obvious Tips for Vacationing Better

Traveling should be a great experience. But “needing a vacation” after finishing a vacation happens too much. I think this is because people don’t practice good personal care while out of town. Most people burn the candle at both ends, neglecting that […]