Sincere Speech Takes Practice

We are terrified of heartfelt statements. Expressing love. Giving blessing. Calling people to action. Condemning or praising actions. For these most important parts of communication life, saying what we really want to say means being vulnerable. It’s understandable. So many heartfelt […]

The Shards in the Path

Each day I walk the leaf-lined trail Of a bright green park in a shady vale But broken glass strews in my path   Each shard I gather as I pass And despair each day that broken glass Should still infest my garden path   […]

How To Live In a Nuclear-Armed World

I purposefully don’t watch the news much. But since I heard that two of the world’s most dangerous governments (North Korea and the United States) were threatening to use nuclear weapons against each other, I’ve dipped my feet back in. We’ve seen saber-rattling and […]

How To Make Fewer Stupid Decisions

It is a well-known phenomenon that people tend to make stupider decisions in groups. It’s less well-acknowledged that they make especially stupid decisions in peer groups. Take your average 16 year-old. By themselves, they may be polite, intelligent, brave, considerate, even […]

A World Without a School Year

Imagine a world without a school year. It isn’t very hard. I have plenty of issues with compulsory schooling itself. I don’t believe it’s just to treat young people like parolees. I don’t think 14 years of regimentation and control are a […]