Chihuahua Ballet, Tiny Band Carols, and Sick Violin-ing: A Concert Review of Lindsey Stirling’s “Wanderland” 2018 Tour – Charleston, December 22, 2018

Chihuahua ballet. Tiny instruments. Dancing violin players. Not things you would expect at a typical concert, even in the wild world of 2018. But that’s Lindsey Stirling for you. Last night my family went out to see the electric violinist/dancer’s last stop […]

The Social Benefits of Hipsters

Hipsters catch a lot of flak for being pretentious and seemingly silly social fashion fringe-dwellers.* People don’t like people who stick up their noses, or those who like to flaunt edginess or early adopter status. Still, I don’t think we […]

5 Great Film Scores from Disney Movies

Most people know Disney movies for the excellent songs, like “Let It Go,” or “How Far I’ll Go,” or “Under the Sea” (extraordinary song, that one). But less appreciated is the work of the composers who score these films. Here […]

Watch Films From Behind the Camera

Remember those cheesy, boring, grainy nature documentaries you used to watch in school when the teacher was not having the best day ever? These films set my expectations for nature films. But Planet Earth 2 is not like those films. And […]

We Need Art To Inspire Us for Normal Days

Why do most of us only turn to inspirational art on exceptional days? There are few human beings who aren’t be lifted up by a beautiful, swelling piece of orchestral music. Even non-religious people can appreciate the poetry of the Hebrew Psalms. And if you meet someone […]