Make Friends With a Machine

After dogs, man’s best friends are working machines. They’re a lot more useful than most dogs, too. Machines from backhoes and excavators to tractors and lawnmowers enhance human productivity and save human labor every day. If you can drive one […]

The Paradox of Success

There is a paradox to success. If you want to be successful, you must be viewed (to some extent) as successful. Status does matter. A person of high status and reputation for excellence will tend to attract more of the […]

What Is “Honest Work”?

I’ve heard the term “honest work” a lot in my life, and it’s always had an appeal for me. Now it’s something I want more than ever – but I’m not sure exactly how to define it. Here is an […]

Privacy Is Trust. Trust Is Freedom

Remember Google Glasses? Turns out they are still a thing. Granted, they’re for manufacturing and specialty industrial purposes now. Google discovered that people weren’t quite ready for glasses that recorded everything. I was talking with someone today about how useful […]

De-Platform Yourself

A new phenomenon in the Internet age is that of “deplatforming” in which a person, organization, or movement gets booted off of an online platform. Sometimes de-platforming happens for good reasons (a bank refusing to serve a drug cartel). Sometimes […]