Why You Should Sing In Public

The other night “Dancing in the Street” came on in Publix while I was doing my grocery shopping. Naturally, I sang along. Then I walked past the dude from the meat department (or some other Publix employee). I kept singing. […]

The Joy of Random Tastes in Music

Every year when Spotify releases our Top 100 Songs playlist, we each learn a little something about ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you learned that you have weird tastes in music. And that’s just the rub: it’s becoming increasingly normal […]

Fire Drills as Social Occasions

Modern life has a lot of quirks. One of those quirks is the fire drill. The fire drill is a uniquely 20th century thing, made for 20th century and 21st century buildings. And if you think about it, it’s really strange. […]

Non-Musical Reasons to Enjoy Music

Most people don’t fall in love with certain kinds of music because of time signatures, good rhythm, or even particularly good melodies. There’s little element of music theory appreciation in most people’s love of music. People love music because it takes memories, associations, feelings […]

The Social Benefits of Hipsters

Hipsters catch a lot of flak for being pretentious and seemingly silly social fashion fringe-dwellers.* People don’t like people who stick up their noses, or those who like to flaunt edginess or early adopter status. Still, I don’t think we […]