Category: Finances

Money Means Less If You See Money Everywhere

I’m young and not rich, so money means a lot to me. That means I can be greedy when I should be cautious. But I’m lucky enough to avoid greed more often than otherwise thanks to one thing: economics. Economics has taught me to see value everywhere, and in every interaction. My dinners with family […]

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Why I’m Thinking About Invoicing My Kids for Everything

I really wish I had known more about the practical costs of living when I was much younger. I had the great blessing of having parents who had enough to take care of me, and enough to shelter me from knowing the costs of many of the things that they worked hard to provide. Our […]

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There Are Alternatives to Going Out for Coffee

If you’re reconnecting with old friends (or connecting with new ones), it’s common to suggest that you go out to coffee or go out to dinner. Is it just me, or is this a lack of imagination? Don’t get me wrong – I like meeting up with friends and catching up. But that doesn’t have to […]

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