A Tip of the Hat to Karaoke Rock Bands

Thank God for karaoke rock bands. Last night the excellent players and supporting crew of Metalsome brought the house down at my company’s Christmas party, backing me and my nerdy coworkers on everything from The Black Crowes’ “Hard to Handle” […]

Non-Musical Reasons to Enjoy Music

Most people don’t fall in love with certain kinds of music because of time signatures, good rhythm, or even particularly good melodies. There’s little element of music theory appreciation in most people’s love of music. People love music because it takes memories, associations, feelings […]

5 Great Film Scores from Disney Movies

Most people know Disney movies for the excellent songs, like “Let It Go,” or “How Far I’ll Go,” or “Under the Sea” (extraordinary song, that one). But less appreciated is the work of the composers who score these films. Here […]

Hank Williams

The Ethos of Country Songs

Confession: I am an avid fan of country music. No, not the country music you may have heard in a truck commercial (though this is actually a great one). I’m talking about Western swing, alt-country, string band music, bluegrass, progressive bluegrass […]