Driving to Work

Hope rises next to fear Coffee and cortisol mix in the veins of a thousand doubtful warriors Leaving comfort for fresh new chaos   The city skyline beckons Age and experience next to youth in the same line Lines of cars cutting through […]

Snow on a Southern City: a Poem

Chilly skies shed frozen coats On waiting world below A fallen burden glorifies New-sparkling southern hills   The city’s rhythm starts anew A fresh cast on the ground And men’s hearts feel cheer to enter in To snowy Sabbath rest […]

Memories Keep: a Poem About Nostalgia

Memories keep Like my grandfather’s jacket Country music  And movies with my father   Memories keep Like a blade keeps its edge The beaten blows And the crucible flame   Memories keep The bulwark against struggle A past reminder Of […]

The Riverlord’s Passing

Moss-hung oaks lift ancient heads To greet his passing bier Herons bow their graceful necks And farewell liege-lord dear   No noise of gulls in salty air And otters kneel ashore Marsh grass parts to make the way For gloried, aged riverlord   Their fathers’ fathers […]

The Shards in the Path

Each day I walk the leaf-lined trail Of a bright green park in a shady vale But broken glass strews in my path   Each shard I gather as I pass And despair each day that broken glass Should still infest my garden path   […]

The Redemption of Gunpowder

Same flares gave light to summer soldiers Hopeless brothers, sons, and friends Lit skulls and sharp wire, countless fields Last sights for shell-shocked, gored young men   Same flares give light to rooftop youth Young men on dunes and dancing piers High paper shells scream in July night Through burning hues come hope, not […]