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How To Preach with Authority (A Theory)

And they were astonished at his teaching: for he taught them as having authority, and not as the scribes. – Mark 1:22 I can’t listen to most religious preachers teach. It’s not just that I question the religious premises of most religious teachers. It’s that the delivery is often so faked and inauthentic that it’s […]

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The Power of (Ancient) Spoken Words

Tonight I had the opportunity to read one of the Scripture texts at my church’s pre-Christmas Eve Christmas Eve service. This service sort of like the dress rehearsal, and I played a bit part. But even though I had a small bit of text to read, that text was no joke. What other time of year, […]

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Debate Pro Tip: Call Out Your Own Fallacies

Circular reasoning. Strawmen. Appeals to nature. The “No True Scotsman.” Fallacies like these are easy for the casually-trained logician to spot in others, and they’re easy to pull out and critique in others. But what should you do if you make a fallacious argument when debating someone? Your fallacy will come, and it will seem convenient to […]

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