I Haven’t Seen It Yet

Sometimes I think about which adventure goals would be worthwhile. To prepare for an adventure is a wonderful motivator and clarifier and compass for all work and learning. But it can be discouraging to realize how much has already been […]

If You Want To See More, Do More

Most of us love seeing more of the world, more of our countries, and even more of our own towns. But “tourism” isn’t generally a sustainable activity: most of us lack the time, money, and inclination to just drive and […]

Language As a Form of Travel

Late last year I traveled to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for the first time. The people were friendly, the rainforest and beaches were beautiful, and the city of San Juan was filled with interesting history and architecture. I […]

7 Non-Obvious Tips for Vacationing Better

Traveling should be a great experience. But “needing a vacation” after finishing a vacation happens too much. I think this is because people don’t practice good personal care while out of town. Most people burn the candle at both ends, neglecting that […]