Desire Is the Enemy of Courage

It sometimes occurs to me that my passions conspire to keep me from acting courageously. It’s ironic: I want to spend my life doing interesting, adventurous things that require courage. And that very desire often keeps me playing it safe, […]

Fools Leading Fools

I have a special contempt for people who think they can fool the world. These are the people who will tell you that “ordinary people” can’t think. These are people who also fail to exercise the basic thought required to […]

What Is “Honest Work”?

I’ve heard the term “honest work” a lot in my life, and it’s always had an appeal for me. Now it’s something I want more than ever – but I’m not sure exactly how to define it. Here is an […]

The Badassity of Migrant Workers

If the pioneer and frontiersman spirit has disappeared in most Americans, it’s alive and well in migrant workers. Imagine traveling all the way from Guatemala to Maine to pick blueberries, or from Nicaragua to Alberta to tend cattle, or from […]

Be Someone’s Moral Measuring Stick

My father and my grandfather told me to “be the man [I] was supposed to be” since I was young. In their code, this means telling the truth, acting honorably, playing fairly, working hard. It’s the code of farmers, and […]