Celebrate Monday Nights

Everyone fears Mondays, which is probably why I love the idea of rebelling against the expectations of Mondays.

I share the opinion with Gary Vaynerchuk that you should go all out in your Monday workday. But that’s its own post. What I think might be new to you is that there could be something special about Monday night, otherwise the most “unspecial” night of the week.

Usually Monday night is a late work night, or else a night of collapsing into the routine of the week. But what if Monday nights were times of fun, calm, imagination, healing, and encouragement instead?

Every week on Monday night I get that. I come together with church friends for a discussion of a book we’re reading. I bring clementine oranges. Sometimes someone brings pumpkin or banana bread, or Halloween candy. We circle up chairs and sit there together in the living room laughing about our week, listening to folk music (the soothing kind that makes you think of fall – you know the kind), and basking in the low, comforting candle light in a small, well-decorated, and cozy home.

There’s a big, goofy, and friendly chocolate Labrador dog, an adorable baby, and a cat to entertain us. We get deep into ideas on the deepest and most important parts of life. We also crack jokes and talk about pop culture. We come from all sorts of ages and backgrounds and even different political convictions. But we welcome each other actively, and we bond over our similarities and (generally) get curious about our differences.

We walk away better people – better capable of loving life, giving love to other humans, and being loved by other humans.

Our Monday night is a humble little celebration of life. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine. Things like this (while regular now) aren’t what I used to expect from Monday nights. But doing them – and so sanctifying Monday night – has made the rest of my week better also.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

James Walpole

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