It’s a Different World When You Go for a Walk

There’s a concrete jungle of parking spots and new or half-finished shops right across the street from me. I’ve been driving past them near every day for three months. But I didn’t really see them – at least, not well, until I went for a walk today.

That’s right: it’s taken me three months to cross the street and walk the area. The car so thoroughly owns transportation that the thought didn’t occur to me to look at my concrete-bound neighbors on foot.

But as with running, walking reveals things you just don’t see from a car window.

The preschool has kid’s drawings in the window.

That yoga place has a very cute front desk receptionist.

There’s that juice bar. I’ve been seeing that sign for a while now.

Oh, I didn’t notice that ditch before.

And wow, there was even more construction than I had noticed before.

I’m in no particular rush. I’m not surrounded by other metal objects that need me to move fast down the road. I can notice things I never noticed from a car.

Life’s best details come from walking and seeing on your own two feet. The pedestrian level gives more pleasing discoveries than car level.

What else have I missed by not taking more walks? How many store signs and storefronts have I seen without ever seeing the people who do business there? How many restaurants have I passed by without ever smelling? How many corners, nooks, and crannies am I missing by not looking more closely and more slowly?

Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash

James Walpole

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