Don’t Wonder If You Could Have Done It

Jumping, running, dodging, lifting, fighting, throwing – one day I will never be able to do these feats again.

This sort of realization (among others) helped to make me a disciplined athlete for the first time in my life. I took up running in part because I didn’t want to find out one day that I had missed my chance to run at all.

It was easy for me to pass through most of my childhood and my teenage-hood without getting active: I could always defer any dreams. And really, I had a low esteem for physical activity anyway. Everyone around me was doing it, so I prized it like many “mass-culture” things I rejected.

But here’s the thing I’ve had to realize: if physical excellence is worthwhile at all, there is no time like the present to pursue it.

I will always have my mind. But with every decade that passes, I am losing a window of bodily function that I will never get back. My parents are in their 50s, but they are already giving up on the possibility of certain forms of physical achievement.

I may never be able to run like I can run now.

I may never be able to hike like I can hike now.

I may never be able to do yoga like I can do yoga now.

And I certainly won’t be able to sustain damage and recovery like I can now.

This is good motivation to make the most of the time I have to find out what I’m capable of, if only to answer that burning curiosity

If you’re still sitting on the sidelines in your 20s or 30s, it’s not too late to see what your body can do, and it’s always the right time to live without regrets. Don’t wake up in 10 years or 20 years to find that your self-imposed limitations have become permanent.

Don’t wonder if you could have done it.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

James Walpole

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