5 of My Favorite 2017 Projects

What have I been working on this year? It’s kind of a long story.

Fortunately, I have links, and it’s easier to show than tell.

Regular blogging

In 2017 I’ve managed to write more than 270 blog posts (26 on topics including music, philosophy, marketing, history, dancing and more. Check out the archives

Game of Thrones philosophy podcast

My friend Ryan Ferguson and I broke down the philosophical elements of each episode in Game of Thrones‘s seventh season. We had a blast making it. If you like philosophy, fantasy, and humor, you’ll dig it. Get the first episode here

Praxis philosophy night

My friend William Nava and I hosted a bi-monthly unofficial philosophy call for participants and alumni in the Praxis online community. All in all, we recorded 18 sessions on topics from immortality and pragmatism to existentialism and consciousness. We also talked to some pretty interesting guests, including dialetheist logician Graham Priest and self-made philosopher Steve Patterson as well as left-libertarian anarchist Gary Chartier and Christian philosopher Timothy McGrew. Check out our discussion videos


I wrote a lot of content, talked to a lot of journalists and customers, and helped to move forward some big initiatives and releases at my company. That doesn’t begin to do justice to what’s been an incredible year in the bitcoin payments space. Check out what’s new at BitPay.

Epic film scores

In a major step toward my goal of being the world’s greatest disc jockey, I created a Spotify playlist of film scores this year which now has a whopping 95 FOLLOWERS. Will I get to 100? Maybe you can push me over the top 😉 Check out my epic film scores playlist. 

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash


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