A Running List of All My Favorite Places in Atlanta

I grew up in the country, and I imagined I would hate city life. That was before I moved to Atlanta. Cities have a lot going for them. I’ve been here for three years, and I’ve only scratched the surface of the adventures and opportunities available in Atlanta.

Here are just a few of my favorite places to visit in and around the city. You might find these to be a useful guide for your next visit here:

  1. Piedmont Park – the Central Park of the south. Bursting with beauty. There are farmer’s markets here often. You’ll almost always find a King of Pops stand around. And it’s great for reading out in the sun, people-watching, walking, roller-blading, or enviously admiring other people’s dogs.
  2. The Atlanta Beltline, Eastside Trail – a beautiful pedestrian trail running from Piedmont Park through Atlanta’s Midtown area. Great for exercise and people-watching. Dotted with curious sculptures and street art.
  3. Eddie’s Attic – my favorite Atlanta music venue, even though it’s technically in the nearby town of Decatur. This small venue hosts some of the country’s best acoustic musicians for intimate but usually very affordable shows. I’ve had some great experiences here with fellow Americana, country, folk, and bluegrass fans.
  4. Krog Street Market – a modern market set in an 19th-century factory-style brick building. Teeming with great food choices, including ice cream.
  5. The Shakespeare Tavern – my favorite entertainment in the whole city of Atlanta. The entire staff and cast is friendly and courteous, and the productions will burst your gut will laughter.
  6. Homegrown – the perfect place for morning meetings and Southern comfort food in a diner setting. This place has a unique feel and reputation in Atlanta. It’s worth checking out.
  7. Atlantic Station – a great place to soak in some shopping, window and otherwise. You’ll find a bevy of good shops, a place to get chicken + waffles, and ice skating in the wintertime.
  8. Land of a Thousand Hills – my favorite coffee shop for getting work done. The blueberry tea is delicious.
  9. Lovies BBQ – right across from the former BitPay office on Piedmont Road, so this was a common destination for me. The barbecue is delicious, and the staff is friendly. I’ve had meetings and meetups there with success.
  10. East Palisades Trail – a secluded hiking trail down by the east bank of the Chattahoochee River. Brings you right down to the water, where you can watch geese swimming, fishermen reeling in, or dogs playing.
  11. Cochran Shoals Trail – an easy hike along the Chattahoochee River that is great for a bright morning. Trails lead up into the hills and wetlands if you want to get more adventurous, but the simple loop close to the river only takes about an hour.
  12. Stone Mountain – the best view of Atlanta and one of the closest real mountains to hike.
  13. The Red Phone Booth – Atlanta’s authentic speakeasy experience. Requires a password to get in, which I’m not sharing. This place actually has a rulebook.
  14. The Basement – perfect for all of your throwback dance parties, whether your taste is in 70s R&B or 80s pop
  15. Old 4th Ward Skate Park – my favorite place to do outdoor yoga with fellow Atlantans
  16. Emory University Library – Emory sits on a beautiful piece of land, and its library is not one to shake a stick at. It’s split across two buildings and 7-8 floors, with enough books to make you weep in frustration
  17. Eastside Church – lovely people, a good haven for free thought and real practice of Jesus’s way of living, and breakfast every Sunday morning at 9
  18. Argosy – I’m not really a bar/restaurant person, but this East Atlanta establishment gets an honorable mention for super-classy decor.
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