Free Business Idea #2: A Marketing Agency for Teenage Entrepreneurs

What am I proposing?

Create a marketing and creative agency which sells and develops its services directly to teenage entrepreneurs trying to get businesses off the ground with limited resources and experience.

How does it work?

The agency provides packages of basic marketing and creative services for the teen entrepreneur, including basic brand development and design, website development, photography, PR, and a marketing content strategy. These services are tailored directly to the needs of the client’s business and business goals.

Who is the target user?

The target user is an entrepreneurial teenager between 14 and 18 who wants to create a side business during their school years. The user has an unusually promising business opportunity which could become a profitable business. The user is also tech-savvy and capable of solving technical problems – likely a skilled web developer or budding software engineer – but may not be sales or marketing-minded.

Why would the target user want to use it?

Teens are rich in time and rich in creativity but low in both experience and resources. Offering a dedicated firm or a packaged solution from the firm would allow teens to significantly grow the reach and potential target markets for their products. Our particular target user needs a basic marketing strategy to acquire users early in the history of his product so that the work doesn’t fizzle out and die.

This marketing firm provides exactly the tools and guidance which teens need in order to learn how to sell confidently and gain attention for their creations.

How does this make money?

A marketing firm selling these services could take one of two approaches: 1) charging a flat fee for these services, or 2) requesting a small percentage of equity from companies for which they provide ongoing marketing consulting. Option 2 is a game of risk for both the firm and the company in question, but it allows uncapitalized companies to raise the funds necessary for user acquisition.

What’s promising and challenging about this idea’s implementation?

The opportunity for this work is directly tied to the biggest challenge: how do you scale the impact which a service business can have beyond the clients which a small team can relate to directly? While this marketing consulting and contract work may pay for those who offer it, time limitations of 1-to-1 relationships make for much slower growth.

Ideally, trial and error with providing these services would allow the owners to find the best client industries in which to work, and how to do them cheaply and efficiently. The marketing services could then be productized into content resources, guides, even software.

The impact which this business could begin to have on the work of teen entrepreneurs would be noticeable. Great ideas which might once have died a quick death may actually see the light of day.

It’s all yours if you want it.

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James Walpole

James Walpole is a writer, startup marketer, and perpetual apprentice. You're reading his blog right now, and he really appreciates it. Don't let it go to his head, though.

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  1. Great idea! Seems like Praxis was a great success for you – I just discovered your website last night and you’ve written about some really interesting things. Just one issue ‘the user is also typically a tech-savvy young male who is capable of solving technical problems’…while this might be true, the comment is not encouraging to those smart, ambitious females with amazing ideas. So it plays a part in perpetuating this gender-imbalanced reality. But this app could be an incredible way to solve the gender imbalance in young entrepreneurship!

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