Free Business Idea: Gamify Travel (And All the Things)

Wish your average plane flight, cruise, or hotel stay could be more than just checking in and consuming?

I think we all want more of an element of play and adventure in our lives.

There’s a great opportunity emerging in the world we live in to gamify real-life experiences in ways that excite wonder and curiosity, connect people to each other, and make everyday experiences meaningful. Some folks are taking stabs at it*, but the opportunity in the service and software industries is still mostly untapped.

Imagine checking into a hotel and finding a briefcase with a secret mission inside, or being assigned to solve a mystery on board a cruise ship, or deciphering an ancient mystery before your plane lands.

Imagine being thrust into situations that require you to do actual physical, emotional, and intellectual work – alongside strangers – to become the hero of a story.

Don’t lie – you’d love it. Why do you think Westworld was so popular?

For the portion of the population that wants and can afford new levels of adventure over luxury, adventure-games-as-a-service is a great business opportunity. And the possibilities are endless.

Hotels, cruise lines, airlines, and more could all offer adventure gamification to customers who pay extra. Travel agencies could provide this service on top of normal trip bookings. You might even see game specialists who contract with hospitality providers to create custom experiences for guests.

The great thing about all of this is that it could seamlessly live alongside the normal cruise/flight/hotel/etc. experience. The “adventure” or “gamification layer” is a lightweight, simple, and modularizable service begging to be added to so many of the experiences we take for granted.

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

*Intellectual Influence: Inspired in part by the increasingly custom theme park experiences provided by places such as Disney and Universal Studios (not to mention increasingly popular escape rooms and of course WestWorld), as well as apps like Habitica and LevelUp (it’s called something like that) that gamify going out into the real world and doing stuff.

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