Free Business Ideas: Moving Agency

The moving market is terribly underserved.

There are plenty businesses serving the actual packing and carrying of household goods. There are plenty of services that help people find apartments. But the real pain of moving comes from all of the account and paperwork management of moving out and moving in.

You have to get money orders, set up utilities and ISP accounts, fill out forms, provide written notices, conduct move-in and move-out walkthroughs, provide proof of income, and more. In my experience, all of this become a part-time job for the mover.

What if an agent could do all that for you, just like a travel agent books trips and excursions? I could see this being a valuable service. These moving agencies could be authorized by the mover to handle most communications with apartment complexes or other landlords, simplifying the requirements for movers to simply placing signatures on documents.

Moving these days has become a specialized job that requires real research. It’s time specialists started capitalizing on the need, and it’s time moving became easier (and more common) as a result.



James Walpole

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