Why I’m Giving Away Free Business, Product, and Project Ideas

Today I’m starting to post a series of free business and project ideas I’ll be putting out online on a semi-regular basis. Why? Well, for one thing, the ideas I have in the shower have to go somewhere. For another, I want to change how people think about value and ideas.

We’re often precious about our ideas. When we have a good one – especially one that could make money – we move quickly to make sure that other people haven’t had it and that other people won’t get it. And for the most part, we then proceed to sit on our ideas.

This is bad, mmmkay? Execution is a much higher barrier than actual intellectual monopoly, so you often have little to fear from simply sharing an idea. If you want to make money from your idea, the thing that will do it is your ability to make your imagination real, not just to imagine. The kind of people who aren’t creative and disciplined enough to be capable of thinking of the kinds of things you conceive probably aren’t the kind of people you should be worried about, anyway.

More importantly, by hiding your idea in a cave, you’re guaranteeing that it will die off when you do. Don’t do that. Many of us have more ideas than we could possibly make real in one lifetime or several. Give them away. The world benefits and you benefit when people make good things. If you’re not the best person to make the thing, put it out into the world so that someone else can!

Not let’s see if I have anything worth sharing. I’d love to know if any of you act on these ideas, and I (probably) won’t demand a cut.

P.S. I owe the genesis of this concept to Isaac Morehouse, whose Medium article addressed to the Voxer team led to some interesting results

James Walpole

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  1. I recently picked up this practice with much success! You’d be surprised how much a good idea will rally cooperation in a startup environment.

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