Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown Returns! A Look Forward Into the Show’s New Season

James Walpole/ April 14, 2019

Game of Thrones season 8 is almost here, which means conversation about the themes, characters, and plots of the show is about to come to a water cooler near you.

Go ahead, geek out! I’m looking forward to being a fan and enjoying the story, too.

But I also don’t want to miss this opportunity to talk to my friends and colleagues about philosophical questions that the show raises – questions about integrity, loyalty, duty, family, violence, death, life, history.

If you feel the same way, check out the project my friend Ryan Ferguson launched (featuring yours truly as cohost) back in season 7 of the show. In Game of Thrones Philosophy Breakdown we analyze each new episode for philosophical content and have a lot of laughs doing it.

In our newest episode (and the first of this season), we look back on our favorite discoveries from the first installment of this podcast and talk about our hopes and curiosities for the final season of Game of Thrones:

  • What will we find out about George R.R. Martin’s life philosophy? About the philosophy of the fans?
  • Will characters continue their redemptive/destructive arcs or find new ones?
  • Who ends up on the Iron Throne? Who lives? Who dies?

Listen to the new episode now!

P.S. I reference a great episode of Homebrewed Christianity in this most recent episode which reflects on religion in the universe of Westeros.

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