Get Outside for the Holidays

If you have the good fortune to live in a place without snow, take some time to get outside this Christmas.

Perhaps because so many of our images of Christmas come from up north, it’s tempting to just sit inside and gorge on food and entertainment this time of year. It’s not so tempting if you know the glories of these short winter days.

You can take your family for walks down dirt roads or streets with Christmas decorations still lining the way. From a pedestrian’s point of view the beautiful things of the human and natural world in December come by more slowly.

If you’re near water, you can get out in a powerboat, a kayak, a sailboat and watch epic sunsets. They might be a prettier if it *is* a bit chilly.

I went for a great walk with my brother and father yesterday (with a heart to heart conversation), a short kayak with my brother, and a run through downtown Charleston today – and these will be some of my clearest memories from this Christmas. Maybe it’s because they’re different from the norm of inside living. Maybe it’s because I saw some beauty. It doesn’t hurt that outdoor activity tends to improve my mood and bring me closer to other people.

I’d love to see Christmas celebrations move out of doors just a bit more in years to come.

Photo by David Martin on Unsplash

James Walpole

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