Give Your Customers Some of Their Freedom Back

Joy. Enthusiasm. Freedom.

These aren’t what you expect to feel after a long day at work. You probably don’t expect them from most businesses. And you definitely don’t expect to feel them when you book an Uber ride home.

But then, you haven’t been in MY card for an Uber ride.

Tonight I took a late-30s/early 40-something dad home from his job. Friendliest guy you could meet. Sounded like a wonderful dad who adored his kids. But he also seemed just a bit too domesticated by the cares of a domestic man: listening mostly to kids pop music, seeing mostly kid movies, etc.

But you should have seen him when he heard what was on my music playlist. This Dad who had given up on rap for its non-kid-friendly curse words was also DIGGING the Fresh Prince’s curse-word-free but still swagger-filled Welcome to Miami.

And when “Highway to the Danger Zone” from Top Gun came on the rotation he FLIPPED.

Turns out he’s such a big fan of Top Gun that his wife has hidden his copy of the movie (not sure if this was a joke or real). Apparently he can quote the movie nearly line-for-line. So you can believe he was INTO this song. We already had great rapport, but for a minute or two I could see his enthusiasm really show up.

Burdened old Dad became a free man hanging with one of his bros for a second there.

As I pulled up to his house I encouraged him to blame me for inspiring him to watch his favorite movie again. And I really hope he goes and does something that lights his fire like that simple Kenny Loggins song did on his Uber commute home from work.

Even as an Uber driver selling a commodity product (my time and a ride home), I can provide something profound to people: release. I can create the settings where they can feel joy, enthusiasm, and freedom. And as long as your business or your job involves customers, so can you.

Photo by Brendan Hollis on Unsplash

James Walpole

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