Saying Goodbye to the Old Office

Dear old office,

You delightful old scamp. I’m going to miss you.

Today the BitPay team that’s called you home for more than three years is moving on to (hopefully) greener pastures in Alpharetta.

I’ll not forget, you though. As Shakespeare’s King Harry says to his men at Agincourt,

“Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot, But he’ll remember with advantages
What feats he did that day”

We’ve done feats here with you.

You’ve been the home base of our ambitions. As such, you’ve seen some of our best and worst moments. Venture capital raises. Layoffs. Conflicts. Firings. Hirings. Victories. Product launches. Celebrations. Long-ass meetings. All-night development sprints. Support nightmares. Accidentally deploying bugs into production. Heroic teamwork.

But these things happen in many offices around the business world. For me, you were the site of my first encounter with the business world. I learned just about everything I know about marketing here with you. I also had some of my best life memories here in this space.

Let me try to recall a few….

  • I spent three years here going from a shy, awkward marketing intern to a confident, competent marketing manager.
  • I ate a lot of delicious catered lunches courtesy of BitPay, with long, interesting lunch conversations on technology and politics to match
  • I met with some of the coolest, kindest, most passionate people I know here – many of whom are now my friends outside of work
  • I pulled my first all-nighter here, staying up for almost 20 hours. Not recommended. I had my first Red Bull. Recommended (if you’re doing an all-nighter).
  • I wrote all over your (dry-erasable) walls
  • I became BitPay’s default A/V guy because of you
  • I spent a lot of Friday evenings doing customer support and blaring music and yes, dancing a little bit when no one was looking.
  • I ate a lot of Clif Bars here
  • I brainstormed marketing ideas late into the night with my first marketing team here
  • I gave my first public talk here
  • I came in early one morning to decorate you for Christmas one morning, Elf-style
  • I recorded my first podcast interview here
  • I watched most of Game of Thrones seasons 1-6 when I stayed here late at night to work
  • I coordinated the marketing launch for the BitPay wallet here
  • I helped to host a hackathon which kept  me up all night with three of my coworkers, watching over sugar-crazed high schoolers
  • I greeted visiting businesspeople wearing a dog mascot costume. Was a hit.
  • I spent the night here (more times than I’d care to admit). Slept in my car in your parking garage a few times, too. That was interesting.
  • I had my first Red Bull and tried the unique BitPay celebratory cuisine of champagne + fries

All in all, I’ve spent around 3.4% of my life with you. That’s right – I did the math.

Thanks for all the memories! May you bring good luck to the next company that comes along to you.

James Walpole

James Walpole is a writer, startup marketer, and perpetual apprentice. You're reading his blog right now, and he really appreciates it. Don't let it go to his head, though.

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