10 Things You’ll Experience In a Summer Job at a Hardware Store

I cut my teeth as a young employee in part by working in a hardware store back in the summer of 2014. Hardware stores are magical places, and they’re perfect places to be if you want to learn about home maintenance over a summer. There are some experiences you can get at a hardware store that you can’t get anywhere else.

Here are some of my favorite memories from that time:

  1. Worrying about freezing my hands off/blowing things up when filling propane tanks for customers.
  2. Dust-mopping the entire store like a boss
  3. Becoming an expert in finding out where things are and where they belong (and no longer looking like a buffoon when customers come in)
  4. Organizing merchandise neatly on shelves, indulging my OCD and perfectionism to great effect
  5. Finally understanding how SKU numbers work to help with inventory management
  6. Learning how to work a point of sale system made in the 90s
  7. Listening to the same 10 country songs a few dozen times
  8. Driving the forklift (and getting it stuck)
  9. Puzzling through the massive wall of screws and the other massive wall of plumbing supplies before ultimately calling Bill over for help
  10. Using the key-cutting machine like a boss (without losing an eye to flying sparks)
James Walpole

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