Hurricane Weddings and Other Normal Human Things

Some marriages are good enough to make you want to drive into a hurricane to witness them. One year ago it was my brother and his wife’s wedding which took me to a Charleston, SC under a state of emergency for Hurricane Matthew. This weekend, two of my favorite Atlantans got hitched on the Louisiana bayou, not far from the oncoming Hurricane Nate.

I seem to be making a habit of hurricane weddings.

I’ve come to appreciate the symbolic value of a wedding performed in the face of an oncoming storm. There’s something resilient and plucky and human about it. Storms are serious business, and they cause real suffering. But people can realize that and still pursue joy in the midst of them.

Game of Thrones character Hoster Tully puts it well:

“It often comforts me to think that, even in war’s darkest days, in most places in the world, absolutely nothing is happening.”

I would like to respectfully disagree that “nothing” is happening. Even in the world’s darkest days, in most places in the world, normal human things are always happening. Even with terrible tragedies in the news and terrible crimes being recorded in our history, humans continue to get married, have children, start businesses and show love to each other.

No matter what happens today, someone somewhere is getting married and having the happiest day of their life. Someone is completing a project which has taken them a decade of work. Someone is moving into a new home. Someone is seeing their child, parent, cousin, or friend turn a corner for the better.

That’s worth remembering, even if we spend much of our attention on the danger and the sadness of natural or man-made disasters. Nothing bad can ever be a complete victory for evil or tragedy as long as these normal human things – like hurricane weddings – continue.


James Walpole

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