I Haven’t Seen It Yet

Sometimes I think about which adventure goals would be worthwhile. To prepare for an adventure is a wonderful motivator and clarifier and compass for all work and learning.

But it can be discouraging to realize how much has already been done in the world. There are few places unseen or untraveled by man. All the obvious (and useful) “firsts” seem to have been achieved and repeated many times – from climbing Everest to circumnavigating the globe.

Places that used to require great courage and skill of their visitors now see tourists regularly. What adventure is there left in this kind of world?

It’s true that something has been permanently lost from exploration of this planet. And yet it’s still thrilling to see from the peak of a mountain for your first time, even if that mountain has borne the weight of thousands of tourist hikers before. Even if it isn’t “new” to mankind, it’s new to you, and you are new to it.

“Mankind” can impact a place, but “mankind” can’t experience something for you. Even the photos and movies won’t ever “ruin” a new experience of something sufficiently mighty in nature. Man may have seen it, but you haven’t. Go out as if it’s all fresh – because in a way, it is.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

James Walpole

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