I’m James Walpole. This Is How I Work.

My coworker/digital marketing Jedi master Derek Magill recently answered the Life Hacker “How I Work” challenge. Now I’ve been called to give an account of how I get things done. Here goes:

How I Work

Location: Atlanta, GA, US of A

Current Gig(s): Marketing with BitPay and Praxis

Current Mobile Device: iPhone 4S

Current Computer: 13.3″ Macbook Air, 8GB

One Word That Best Describes Your Work: Dogged. (I like to think that I’m built for endurance. I usually have to persist through my own mistakes.)

And now for the questions portion of our show…

What Apps/Software Can’t You Live Without?

I use Laverna, an open source note-taking app (similar to Evernote) for recording my random thoughts. Google Drive is helpful for organizing, sharing, and searching documents with other teams. Slack is the first IM client I’ve really enjoyed. Voxer lets me move fast and break molds with the Praxis team without email. GPGTools keeps the damn NSA out of important emails (I hope).

Most importantly, Pandora and Spotify keep me on track and on beat with great jams.

What’s Your Workspace Like?

I’m in an open space with two teams at BitPay. It’s as chaotic as you would expect a makeshift pod of twenty-something startup employees to be, but I get a lot out of keeping a pretty clean and minimalist workspace. My standing desk has changed my life.

What’s Your Best Time-Saving Trick?

Go at the hardest and most challenging thing, and don’t let fear of embarrassment paralyze you or slow you down. This is an acquired skill, but it saves time spent temporizing and makes working life more satisfying.

What’s Your Favorite To-Do List Manager?

Trello. I get peace of mind that comes from knowing that I have my projects under control, even in my busiest workdays.

Besides Your Phone and Computer, What Gadget Can’t You Do Without?

A huge legal pad for scribbling thoughts and notes. A coffee machine is nice to have, too.

What Everyday Thing Are You Better At Than Anyone Else? 

I think I’m better at listening and picking up on things that give me a full picture of what I’m working on. That’s sometimes noticeably untrue, but I’m usually forced to pick up as much as I can when I’m in a fast-moving environment.

What Are You Currently Reading?

I’m currently reading Free To Learn by Peter Gray (including an Amazon link here, but you should use Scribd instead).

What Do You Listen To While You Work? 

Folk, roots rock, bluegrass, alt-country, traditional country – anything with a steel guitar or mandolin is nice. I’ve also picked up a taste for listening to film scores, oddly enough. The instrumental music helps me focus.

Are You More Of An Introvert Or An Extrovert? 

Increasingly comfortable and confident (even chatty) in large groups. Perfectly comfortable living in my own little world when I’m alone.

What’s Your Sleep Routine Like? 

No real routine at the moment. I’ve been trying for earlier bedtimes and longer rests, and it’s been a real boost to my productivity. On the ideal day, I get up around five so that I can get things done for personal improvement.

Fill In The Blank: I’d Love To See _____ Answer These Questions

Levi Morehouse – one of my first employers and a singlemindedly hardworking person.

What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Do what you said you’d do.

If I can get through life doing those things, I’ll be a happy man with a happy legacy.

Is There Anything Else You’d Like To Add?

Be persistent about creating value for people in every interaction. It makes life fun.

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