How To Transport Yourself 3,826 Miles In One Morning

First, you wake up before the sun. Darkness still covers everything, and everyone is still asleep.

You drive quietly down dark roads, past fallow winter fields.

You step out into the cold, and open a gate into fields of cool, wet wind that hits you as you walk. You sling your rifle over your shoulder. Quiet against the rustling morning you hear bagpipes and flutes (you have your smartphone earpods on Spotify).

Out here it doesn’t take much to feel like you’ve gone to a much different place.

You plod quietly, purposefully through those dark fields. You scan for your quarry. You climb up into a tower. You may sit for a while through that cold, but it’s worth it.

Over the next hours, you get to watch nature wake up. (Almost) everything else is quiet.

Micro-adventures (paired with a bit of imagination) like this are far cheaper than a vacation for taking you to new places. This morning’s deer hunt may only have been right down the road from my house, but it felt for a minute there like a stag hunt in the glens of Scotland.

Photo by Tomas Robertson on Unsplash

James Walpole

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