Would Immortality Be a Good Thing?

Is a 500-year lifespan goal likely to happen in our lifetime?

Many of the most optimistic techno-futurists think so, with some even musing that we will eventually achieve immortality – the end of involuntary death.

Of course, while most people are asking how this can be done, philosophical people are left to ask whether it’s really a good idea or not.

That task fell to the Praxis philosophy night crew on our 15th session together.

I love this question because there are good arguments on both sides. Does immortality promote better long-term thinking, or does its ending of scarcity make it harder for humans to prioritize? How would immortality affect our risk-taking, our day to day meaning, and our sense of purpose?

Tune in to see how we approached the problems and opportunities of immortality and extreme life extension.

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

James Walpole

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