In Praise of House Concerts

Tonight I got to attend my first house concert, and it was glorious.

Where else can you watch a talented musician from the comfort of a plush chair (with snacks)?

Where else can you cuddle with a dog while you listen to great songs?

Where else can a musician and his/her fans have conversation (and friendly heckling), not just before and after, but throughout a set?

The home seems to be the place to be. Singer-songwriter Amy Cox *brought it* with storytelling and songwriting which (threaded together) held our Monday night attention.

House concerts seem to be unique and increasingly viable venues for savvy musicians and audiences who really give a damn about listening to good music. Tonight’s show served the audience with great music and a good environment in which to listen with few distractions (other than the good ones, like dogs).

House concerts certainly aren’t major revenue sources, but the overhead is lower for the artist, who also gets to chance to form deeper connections with her/his hosts and hearers. I can think of no better way (even if slow going) to form a base of 1,000 true fans.

Done right, this is a great format which can help both artists and art enthusiasts enjoy and get to know each other.

Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

James Walpole

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