Spring on Kennesaw Mountain – Photography and Haiku

Kennesaw Mountain is one of Georgia’s strange places of past and present. It was the site of 4,000 casualties in the Civil War and now – as a state park – it sees as many tourists in a weekend.

As the site of a battle which took place not much more than 150 years ago (time is weird), and as one of the few high overlook views of Atlanta, Kennesaw Mountain makes a good place for thinking. It’s also beautiful in the spring. These photos are from a trip I took with a few friends back in March, when spring was just starting to flex its muscles.

These photos are free for the taking.

The cold rocks whisper

Wind howls on the bald mountain

Debating spring’s birth


Cannon reminders

Leave us free to forget them

Corpses underfoot


No delicate heat

Spring explodes loving colors

A forward courtship

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