Good Things That Happen When You Stay Late at the Office

There are plenty of good reasons to stay late at the office, even if you’re not a workaholic. For me as a young employee, making the time to commit some later nights has given me access to large slots of uninterrupted creative time. It’s given me the time I need to think and do the deep work that can be harder to do in days interrupted by meetings and requests.

But there’s another whole set of reasons to stay late at the office.

If you find yourself working later, you’ll meet the other late workers. And if you’re putting in the work, you’ll be welcome among them. Despite working late, this crowd tends to have more fun by far than any other group at any other time in the week.

In my short time as an employee, staying late has given me the opportunity to sit in on historic product tests/firsts. It’s led to me being invited over to a coworker’s house for a night of karaoke. It’s involved karaoke (this time at the office) and a multinational game of beer pong. It’s involved Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings and Blade Runner movie nights. And tonight, staying late gave me the unexpected chance to join some of our developers in farewelling two of our summer interns with all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ.

These aren’t things you might normally associate with “pulling a late night at the office”. Some of these are planned, some aren’t. But our late night work is both the reason and the excuse for the fun we get to have.

Photo by Jack Daniel Ocampo Palacios on Unsplash

James Walpole

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