Life In Atlanta – Interview on World Wanderers Podcast

I had the chance to appear briefly on one of my favorite podcasts last month. The World Wanderers – my good friends Ryan Ferguson and Amanda Kingsmith – talked to several locals from Atlanta on what makes our city great before they left for their current adventure through the United States and Canada.

You can tell from this episode that Ryan and Amanda loved their time in Atlanta (hailing from western Canada, it was a big change). I’d have to say that building a friendship with them was a big part of my own process of falling in love with this city – you meet the most interesting people when millions of people decide to move in to the same space and make things happen.

I hope my little segment (starting at 00:24:23) can show you a little bit about why I’m starting to like big cities and all of the craziness that come with them. Just don’t come to me for food recommendations.



James Walpole

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