My Listening Mix for the Drive To Work

How should you use up the time of a 35-45 minute morning commute?

This time spent on the road adds up. So it pays (I hope) to use it well.

I’ve recently settled on a mix of things to listen to on the drive in that I’ve found to be satisfying:

Ancient Wisdom

The idea here is to absorb some direct moral lesson on a life of wisdom from someone significantly older and wiser. Alone among all the other content you could listen to, this will go far to ground you and prepare you for wisdom in the workday. For me this ancient wisdom has come in the form of Seneca’s Moral Letters to Leucilius.


I do like listening to some favorite film scores (also my preferred running playlist) to psyche myself up for the morning. But this taste can vary. Sometimes on a warmer day (like those spring days coming up) a good Southern rock playlist is in order.

Audiobook or Long-Form Podcast

Here I like to make some progress on a long listen or a read that is doing something serious to make me a better or more educated person. This might be a Tim Ferriss show interview, or a recent read like Alaska travelogue Tip of the Iceberg

Bonus: Original Thought

If you have the means, recording video and/or audio of yourself spinning up thoughts is a great way to spend the morning drive creatively.

Make your own mix, but in the end, this one helps me feel like I’m using my drive time well.

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

James Walpole

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