Manly Things Make a Manly Spirit

These days I’m surrounded by manly things.

I’ve got a gas lantern hanging on my door, fishing rods and deer heads on the walls, and books on cowboying and farming and sailing. I’ve got a toolbox in my back seat, dirt on my clothes, and a barbell in the back yard.

I’ve got fireplaces and firewood. I’ve got two pairs of boots I can wear (one for work and one for leisure). I drive pickup trucks, operate heavy machinery, and have a shotgun in my bedroom.

I feel different surrounded by these things than I did back in my city apartment. I’m more oriented toward the outdoors, more ready to go out and do work. I’m more curious about manipulating and investigating various kinds of gear. I feel more prepared and more capable.

This shouldn’t be surprising:

Wearing boots does something different to your personality than wearing tennis shoes. In the same way, most other changes in surrounding can exercise an effect on the kind of thoughts and activities you entertain. Stuff isn’t everything, and it won’t make up for soul. But it has enough impact to be worth considering: how is your stuff shaping you?

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

James Walpole

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