Practicality: 1, Theory: 0 – A Marketing Lesson

There’s a figure of speech we have in the software world: eating your own dog food. It means you use your own software.

There’s some added credibility to your software if you’re going to be screwed by your own software bugs and mistakes. Your customers have more reason to trust that they can use it.

The same fundamental truth – people who have skin in the game tend to make better decisions – applies everywhere else.

I’ve been working and arguing for months for the resources to build out a more effective and sophisticated marketing funnel at work. I’ll need software, development resources, and design resources to make it happen the way it needs to be done. I’ve built a powerful case for this marketing funnel in my mind and in multiple meetings. The plan and theory is all there.

Then this weekend, I realized that I didn’t even have basic email capture or an email list for my own personal website. It only took me over 130 days of writing and months of planning a marketing funnel before I realized that I wasn’t doing basic marketing for my own content.

It was a facepalm moment, but it was also a good reminder that good ideas start at home. I have no right to push for budget and resources for marketing ideas abroad if I’m not willing to try them on my own site. I will have to make most of the same mistakes and wins on my own personal site before I’ll be really competent to suggest and implement them for anyone else.

If you have a domain you can control and change and experiment with now, your case for larger changes abroad will be that much stronger. Get to it.

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