Memento Pater Mori

Remember that your father will die one day.

“Memento mori” reminds us that we will die one day, and prompts us to act accordingly – to seize the day, to be all we can be, and to be grateful for this moment in life.

But it’s not enough to reconcile yourself with your own doom, and to act accordingly. You must accept the doom of all those you love, and act accordingly.

Today I took the latest of a lifetime of great roadtrips with my father, who also is one of my dearest friends. At some point I got that little whisper from the gods (in the form of a song on my Spotify shuffle): “Memento pater mori.”

I realized that I will one day – when my father is gone – be looking back on this trip with longing and sadness and fondness. This will be one of those things I wish I could have again.

God grant that I can be that aware and that grateful for my father all the time. Memento pater mori.

Photo by Szilvia Basso on Unsplash

James Walpole

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