Three Traits I Love About My Mother

It’s my Mom’s birthday, so today I reflect on a few of the things I love about her personality.


My Mom knows how to have fun. Whenever we’d go to theme parks, she’d always be the fastest walker. She’s always wanted to do the Amazing Race with me. And she loves games, which she takes on with a big laugh and a competitive spirit. She has managed to keep her childlike spirit alive and well, and I appreciate that about her.


My Mom is curious about new people, new places, and new foods. Of my parents, she has always been the one who loves to travel most. She finally managed to get all of us on a plane together (my Dad deserves credit, too) when I was in my junior year of high school, and without that trip, I might have stayed in my shell even longer than I did.

She always been the kind of person who will engage a stranger in the grocery line in conversation or befriend the staff behind the counter at the burrito place. I used to give her a hard time for her habit of talking to strangers, but now that I’m older (and do it myself), I understand.


I have received lessons in hospitality from both of my parents, but my Mom goes above and beyond to welcome me and my guests anytime we visit the old home place. She always seems to have a favorite snack of mine waiting when I arrive (blueberries, often). She always offers to make me one of her delicious coffee-chocolate-banana smoothies in the morning. And she has made a career of serving the injured, recovering, and elderly through physical therapy – something requiring tremendous patience and care.

I hope as I continue to grow that I can reflect these traits more – and I’m grateful to her for the ways they’ve already been a part of my life.

Photo by S&B Vonlanthen on Unsplash

James Walpole

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