Forget Books – Let Music Take You Places: Spotify Finds for World Wanderers

“Reading can take you places!” 

You’ve seen this cheesy-but-true marketing slogan splashed on the walls of many a library. But while I love books, I’d argue that music can also be pretty damn effective at carrying you across time and space as well.

As more and more of the world’s music gets recorded and digitized, we’re gaining access to the sounds and melodies of cultures all over the world and all over history. And (blessed be modern technology), many of these melodies are available for free on Spotify.

Here are a few great Spotify finds that will let you wander the world and cross cultures without leaving home and hearth:

ALBUM: “Fantasy on Gothic & Medieval Folk Music for Celtic Renaissance Lute and Guitar”, Andrew Krylov

Throw it waayyyy back with the mellow sounds of medieval European folk music. This one is great for an evening at home with candles and firelight.

ALBUM: “Pops Go West” by Arthur Fiedler and Boston Pops Orchestra

Go west and turn cowboy with this album from the Boston Pops orchestra, which covers all kinds of classic Western folk songs and cinematic/television scores.

PLAYLIST: “90s Arabic Hits” by Spotify

I found this delightful playlist today, and while I’ve only listened to part of one song, I can guess that the rest of the music is going to be similarly valuable for throwing it back to 1995 in Morocco.

PLAYLIST: “Hawaiian Dreams” by Spotify

You know the sounds you associate with Hawaii? Steel guitar, acoustic, ukelele? This playlist has em. You’ll think you’ve made it to the islands.

PLAYLIST: “Peru Top 50” by Spotify

Planning a trip to South America? See what’s hot in Peru right now (besides the equatorial weather).

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