First Impressions of New York City

I’m in New York City for the first time and am finally testing for myself all of my assumptions and hopes about this magical place. Here are a few of my quick observations:

1. The people are friendlier than expected.

People here seem to be outgoing in their own way, so if I engage in a friendly conversation or jest, they typically pick up on it. It may not be quite the same as the feel of Atlanta, but NYC still has that outgoing and friendly American spirit that makes it easy to like people. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky so far to avoid a really angry New Yorker.

2. The city looks and feels and sounds a lot like the movies.

From look and feel – from the art deco buildings and the accents and the taxis (and taxi honking) – this place has lived up to my expectations.

3. It’s much cleaner than I expected.

Perhaps the rain has helped, but I didn’t find that the streets – at least those in midtown – saw much litter. This was a pleasant surprise and made walking the streets here pleasant overall (if you don’d mind the downpour).

4. The women are beautiful here, too.

As a Southerner, rightly or wrongly I’ve grown up with the impression that women are, on average, more beautiful in the South. New York has challenged that belief. Perhaps because it draws men and women from around the world, NYC has many beautiful people as well.

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

James Walpole

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