My Favorite Stories from Praxis Medium Publication “On Breaking the Mold”

Since 2015, I’ve maintained the publication “On Breaking the Mold” – a collection of essays on the intersection of creativity, professional growth, and unconventional educational paths. Most of these essays have come from participants and staff of the startup apprenticeship program Praxis. These guys and girls are on the forefront of putting unconventional creative, professional, and educational ideas into practice.

Tonight I finished my stint as maintainer and editor (it’s now in the good hands of my friends at Praxis), so it seemed like perfect time to reminisce on some of my favorite contributions from Praxis participants and alumni at “On Breaking the Mold” so far. Keep following the publication to see what’s next!

1. How To Be A (Non) Conformist

Madison Kanna shares how she rejected her homeschooled upbringing for “normal” education, how she came to her senses, and what life is like for a college dropout.

2. Living Beyond a Resume: From Burned Out to Breaking the Mold

Lydia Hodgson shares how a decision to take a world-traveling gap year after high school changed her mind about the right way to kickstart her education + career.

3. Stop Trying to be Ordinary.

Olivia van Wormer is an excellent storyteller. In this essay she shares her unconventional educational path – self-funded world travel, working as a professional cook, joining Praxis – and how she’s learned to think about attempts by outsiders to box her in.

4. Kill the Boy: How I’m Breaking the Mold

Tommy Pruchinski shares his journey of (almost) dropping out of college, joining Praxis, and relearning how to get things done outside of school. He draws some inspiration from Game of Thrones along the way in this fun and colorful piece.

5. I’m Luke Ruffing. Here’s How I’m Breaking The Mold

Luke Ruffing is a Praxian through and through. Check out his story for a good look into the scrappy and hardworking mindset you don’t normally find in people his age. I particularly enjoy his breakdown of the work and tools he used to organize a ball for homeschool graduates – a true case of micro-entrepreneurship at work.

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