Orient Yourself on the Tail End of Time

I’ve been visiting my hometown and staying on my family’s farm for these past few days, so I’ve had lots of time to think about family.

We’re all getting older now, but the time spent making some visits and flipping through photo books brought that home to me.

Tonight my father showed me a photo of my great-grandparents celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary – now less than a decade out for my own parents.

I dug through one old scrapbook containing pictures of Walpole family reunions since the 80s. My grandmother stands beside her ancient father in one; now she has that same ancient kind of look.

And one relative recently coached the last basketball game of his career – another milestone.

You start to notice these things in waves when you come home. All said, they reinforced a decision to spend time with these good people. We’re now in the tapering tail end of the time we’ll have each other. And all this reminds me again that I’ve reached manhood, with new responsibilities and ways of being.

As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So I’m glad I spent some time orienting myself to where I am in that rush.

If you have the opportunity, do a check-in on where you are. Look at some photo albums. Talk to people much your senior (or much your junior). This is as valuable as reading any map.

Intellectual Credit: Read The Tail End

James Walpole

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