Bring Your (Other) Skills To Work

This week at the office saw the introduction of James’s Jiu Jitsu Move of the Day.

In a series of events that could only happen at my company, I welcomed coworkers into the marketing pod and proceeded to show them how to leg-sweep an attacker (played by yours truly).

All it took was a nice bean bag for me to land on and some (surprisingly) willing coworkers.

Now you might be wondering – “why jiu jitsu? Why at the office? Why would you think to offer to teach the CEO how to do a standing leg sweep?”

Well, for one thing, I had just learned this most basic (but also really cool) jiu jitsu sweep, and I was excited to share it. It’s very important to me that my coworkers be able to kick ass at work, but I figure they should also be able to kick ass on the street.

(Spoiler alert: THEY CAN NOW)

But I wasn’t the first to bring my extra-professional skills to the office. One coworker used to post up a Mandarin word of the day. One coworker showed off her dogs’ tricks. And between karaoke and photography editing (one coworker today created face mashups of several of our employees with popular Marvel superheroes), more of us have had the chance to show off our other skills and other sides to our coworkers.

What skills aren’t you bringing to the office that might make things more interesting?

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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